Ready for hippies, cheap drinks and a helluva grand kebab? Seems you’ve come to the right place! Bienvenidos a Gracia!

One of my top favorite areas of Barcelona, Gracia, is the most culture-filled and non-tourist area of the city (in my experience!). It’s a small district at the top of the city with the best places to eat, drink and hang-out. Hipsters, beers and ganja color this area, with a delightful charm. They have a plethora of squares, or placas, where you have everything you need for a (foggy) night out. Let’s indulge:

Pizzalabina Pizzeria – Carrer de Verdi, 40, Barcelona, 08012

Thin-crust pizza with more toppings that you’d imagine, this is the best pizzeria in the city. Most pizzas range from €10-15 for a whole pie, and one can easily eat a whole one (trust me, it will happen). Top that off with €6 jugs of some potent sangria and a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, and you’ve got it made! Salud!

Ugarit Restaurant Siri – Carrer de Verdi, 11, Barcelona, 08012

Just a little ways downwards of the pizzeria, is Ugarit. This place features Syrian cuisine, which was a first for me, and I loved it. Maybe a little more pricier for the Gracia area, the dishes still have a great price point, anywhere from €15-20 for a dish of truly great food. The fact that they have about three locations in Gracia alone, may assure you that this place has some frequent visitors. Quick tip, I would highly recommend the chicken shawarma dish!


Chicken Shawarma at Ugarit!


Gasterea – Pintxos/Tapas Bar – Carrer de Verdi, 39, Barcelona, 08012

Yet another great place on Verdi, this is my favorite pintxos/tapas place yet! Gasterea is the real experience, too. This spot boasts the classic, long and narrow bar with an opposing ledge  for standing and eating. That may sound unappealing, I thought so at first, but it makes the experience truly unique. To compliment, bustles of locals and the buzz of conversation. Keep in mind, this place is open 7pm – 1am (Mon, Tues, Thurs) and 7pm – 2am (Fri-Sun).

This place is not so much a tapas bar, as it is more of a pitxos bar. This basically means that all the typical tapas are actually placed on a small piece of bread, with a toothpick through it (‘pintxos’ in Spanish means ‘spike’, hence toothpick). The price can’t be beat, as dishes start from a mere €1.90 per plate, and vino, served in the authentic Spanish glasses, is just as inexpensive. Do me a favor, when you go there, order ‘alcachofas fritas’ – fried artichokes – best thing you will ever have in your life!


Amazing pinxtos – Deep fried artichoke!! To die for…

Kebab Shop –  Carrer d’Astúries (right off of Gran de Gracia, Fontana Metro Station), Barcelona

There are not many things I love more in life than a good kebab, and this place takes the win! Also located on the edge of Gracia, it has the best one in town, and great tzatziki sauce to go along with it! For €4.75, you’ll have a 4-star kebab (yes, they exist) in an authentic Turkish hole-in-the-wall. To go with that, some great vino blanco and some spinach/feta burek (Eastern Europe pastry – To die for!).

I can’t give the name or exact address (I forget the name) but the directions are simple: Going upwards in the city on Gran de Gracia, take a right at Carrer d’Asturies (look for Fontana Metro station), and walk about 20 feet, where you will see the restaurant on the left! I will update this once I find out exact name and street number.



 Bobby Gin – Francisco Giner, 47, Barcelona, 08012 

So, you’re in Barcelona. Enough with food. I want to get some dranks! Well, if you happen to be in Gracia, which I assume you will be, then get your ass over to Bobby Gin! Do it the rockstar way and go for the cocktail dinner. I guess I should mention, if you don’t like gin, this may not be the best place to go (but, who doesn’t like gin?!). Even if you don’t like gin, you should try a drink here, because chances are, the drinks here will make you a gin-aholic. They have every kind of gin you can imagine, and they make it in a mass variety of ways. Starting with the classic gin and tonic, or a fruity chardonnay-infused gin cocktail. Expect to pay €10 per drink, with is definitely pricey for Spain, but for good reason – Totally worth it and you may get pretty hammered. Ok, enough with Bobby Gin, it’s still early here and all this talk makes me want a gin and tonic…


And there you have it! You now have a great starting point/guide to one of the best areas of Barcelona! Now get out there and enjoy it 🙂
If you happen to visit any of the places I have recommended here, I would be so happy if you shared your experience! Or, simply let me know if these places sound great or not! Cheers! And God Save the Gin!