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True dat!

Beach Body? I Call B.S!

This morning while having my morning coffee and browsing some of my favorite blogs, I came across a really interesting article by a very cool woman. She was discussing a very “hot” topic at the moment – beach bodies. Of course, because we are coming into the season of sun, beaches and hot weather, many women (admittedly, myself included) are eating less and moving more in order to get into that “perfect shape”.


Yep, let’s buy little girls Barbie dolls..

Now, let me start by saying I really do enjoy the exercise I choose to do. Fitness aside, it reduces my stress levels, makes me more productive with work and just generally makes me feel better. I think it’s really important to stay healthy, by eating well, doing yoga, running, whatever it is you like to do. I wanted to make this point clear before I continue.

HOWEVER – After reading this article, I had a serious change of heart when it came to this rather silly term that is used so much this time of year. And you know what term I’m talking about. Beach body. Bikini body. One in the same. I will foolishly admit I have probably used this term many times, without even thinking. I really applaud the young woman who wrote that article, because I really believe her post made me just a little bit wiser.

The article makes some very obvious points, but since our society is a mass group of followers, we don’t really get it until someone spells it out for us. How can one really define “beach body”? Basically what society tells us, is that a beach body is a perfectly curved (or lack thereof), toned, bronzed body that you must work very hard to attain,  especially for that hot, glorious time of year. A perfect picture is painted for us and if we don’t fit that outline, we simply don’t belong or deserve to be on a beach. When you think about, that is really exactly what they are saying with the mass use of this term. And seriously, what kind of shit is that?

Worth a good laugh!

Worth a good laugh!

I feel so incredibly moronic for supporting this notion of a “beach body”, whether that be reading an article about how to get one, using the term, whatever. It is just such an asinine concept to support.  Maybe I am being too harsh on myself, because to  be honest, I don’t think I have ever been too consumed  with this idea. The main reason this article I read hit home, so to say, is because I wrote an article just a few weeks ago titled “The Summer Diet for Liquor-Loving Women”. Now, this article was really supposed to be funny while giving some serious tips on how to live healthy during the summer months of drinking excessively. After reviewing it, I am happy to know I did not use the term “beach body” although I feel I may have referred to it. Because of that, I wanted to write a follow-up article outlining my feelings on this topic (now that I have been enlightened) and re-assure anyone reading, that I really don’t support this. I was happy to read at the end of my article that I actually conclude with, to quote myself, “Furthermore, summer is meant to enjoy so don’t stress about having the best bikini bod on the beach, just stay healthy and drunk, and you will have a kick ass time!”

And I stand by this. Just imagine how boring and mutant-like it would be if you were sitting on a beach, and everyone looked the same. That’s just weird. And when you think about it, that is exactly what the media/society is suggesting we do. Luckily, reality is that it will never be like that, as it shouldn’t. We are all unique and have our own special qualities. Some have red hair, some have blonde. Green eyes, brown eyes. Short, tall. Size 4, size 14. Let’s quit it with judging people and comparing them to ourselves, like a famous line I once heard, “The race is long, and in the end, it’s only with ourselves”.

I will conclude this article by giving a thanks to the author of that eye-opening article  I read this morning. She really gave me a new perspective on something really important, with her words, and what a gift that is. Hopefully I have done the same for whoever reads this. I hope to see all y’all peeps on the beach this summer, flaunting what yo mama gave ya! I surely will be, and if you see me, stop by and say “Hi”, because  I will most likely have some wine or cava to share. After all, “you already have a beach body. All it needs is the beach.”

True dat!

True dat!


Be A Fashion Rockstar: Top 5

When summer finally arrives, nothing gets me more excited than the fun fashion, both new and old, that are waiting to be worn and discovered. Sure, picking up your latest Vogue would give you a clear, organized outlook on what styles are hitting the street for the most active season of all, but why stop there?

I say, take it to the streets –  Literally.  One would say the looks found in your favorite fashion mag would be refined to the designers’ and editors perspective – and I tend to agree. While these lively pages of excellence are a definite source of inspiration, your creativity tells you, “reach outside of the well printed and orderly box”.

If you live in any major cities, then you are among the lucky ones. This, is where people fear no judgement when it comes to fashion, purposely going against the grain for the sake of reaction or just simply, to be unique. This is the crowd I find myself among.  Those not afraid to experiment, take a chance, where it often results  in looking fabulous. So, where do I get my inspiration?

The answer is simple, everywhere. From the pages of magazines, to the Barcelona boardwalks where trendy women strut their stuff, to the hipster hangouts where you see truly unique vintage in even more outrageous combinations. This is real life, and compared to a somewhat detained magazines, I say this is the number one source.


Another Love – Printed Pants! Owls! Yayyy

So, from my hours sitting outside writing at my favorite cafe, people watching, sporadically browsing Elle or Vogue online, combined with my own fashion intuition, these are my top five trends I’ll be rocking this summer…

Band T-shirts 

I know, a thing of the past for many, however I haven’t been able to let go of this classic since I started to embellish and destruct my band shirts in 2007. You know how the say,”rock n’ roll never dies”? Well I am a firm believer, and this theory can easily translate into, “rock n’ roll t-shirts never die”. It may be a far stretch, but I think we can make it happen, rock sistas.

For me, when sporting a band/rock t-shirt, it simply has to be cut-up or modified, in some way. I have this stigma that just wearing a t-shirt makes me look like a ‘tomboy’, it just has to be spiced up. There are a million ways to do this, and rather than turn this article into a DIY t-shirt post, I will simply link to a great article I found on this topic.


My favorite band T with my own touch of the scissors 🙂

Long-sleeve, Over sized, Button-ups

I have to be honest, I don’t know if these are considered fashionable to the wider style audience, but I happen to think they are great. Especially in the summer! Think, beach cover up, but not just for the beach. I know this past winter season the denim shirts for women were a big hit – and I don’t think that trend is ready to die yet! Right now I am literally eyeing my boyfriends denim button up, that is clearly a little over sized on me, and to that, I say “perfect”! I also have a real love for the basic white button up, over sized in thin, flowing fabric. Hey, I would think this could look very ‘rock chic’ with a band t-shirt…


Over-sized button-up with crop top & high waist skirt

Head Scarves 

I am starting to see a pattern in this blog post, which is that each style I am listing is something I have loved for many years. And if you could guess (or have known me over the past five years), I LOVE head scarves. You can really get creative, with patterns, how to tie them, the size, how to incorporate with your hairstyle, the list goes on.  I have seen something new (for me) here in Barcelona when it comes to headscarves – wrap them like a turban! Ok, sounds weird but I am telling you, it looks awesome! Wear your hair down, long, or tuck your hair up. Takes some practice to master it, but I am a big fan.


Loving my fun head scarves & trying hard to look fabulous

Long Skirts/High Waist/Crop Top

This is definitely a 2013 Summer trend. Lately I have noticed all of my favorite clothing stores are selling a vast variety of little crop tops for summer. And, while these tops are both very cute and a little too show-y on their own, I say to simply pair it with a long skirt, keeping it somewhat conservative, and pulling it up so it is more high-waisted. Throw on one of my favorite over-sized button-ups, and you’ve got a great summer beach-y look.

Collar Necklace

If you have looked at any fashion magazines over the last year, you have seen the collar-style necklaces. I have to say, about three years ago I had an idea to cut off only the collar from a really cool 80’s denim shirt. I stitched a small patch on it and wore it as a necklace-type accessory. Maybe I have a psychic-fashion sense, or maybe I should give up blogging and be a designer, I don’t know, but what I do know is the collar looks really cool with any low neckline top. Find an old collared shirt and try it 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading about my summer fashion passions as much as I enjoyed writing about it! Fashion is simply another form of creativity and I love to see what other people do to be different 🙂

Please comment below and tell me what trends you like or don’t like, Share with me your fun and creative fashion ideas!

Long Hair… Don’t Care?

Just a normal day. Like every other day. Getting ready to go out, go to the cafe, go shopping, buy a naughty costume, drink six jugs of sangria, ya know, whatever it is you like to do.

And then it happens. Just a complete day ruiner. No, I am not talking about the time your dollar store lighter stops working.

I’m talking about when…You get your purse stuck in your hair. Yep. I really hate that, but, you know what they say, right? Long Hair, Don’t Care!

barcelona fail

Don’t Panic

If you’re anything like me, then this has happened to you. You may not have told anyone and struggled to free yourself. I know, I’ve been there. I am glad you found this random article on the internetz. Because now, you will never struggle again.

This is what you do…

1. Don’t Panic, Stand still

2. Take a funny picture (Make fun of yourself first before anyone else can)

3. Make your sister, ( Or boyfriend, aunt, friend, dare I say, neighbour, whoever) to get it out for you

4. You’re free

So next time this happens to you, don’t fret, it’s all a part of being awesome, with long hair. Don’t let a little issue like this cramp your style. Because, you know…

Long Hair, Don’t Care!

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