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Top 5 Best YouTube Videos EVER

One of my favorite things about the internet is – you guessed it – YouTube! I have a really stupid-funny sense of humor, so this comes to no surprise.

From my experience, there are two kinds of people in this world: Those who love Will Ferrell, and those who hate him. I am the latter. I would totally marry him if he wasn’t so hairy and kind of creepy at times. Actually, scratch that, I would marry Will Ferrell. Or Steve Carell. Ok, that just tripped me out, my two  favorite comedic actors have almost the same last name. Weird. Anyway, I am totally getting off topic…

I would watch their porno.

I would watch their porno.

Back to YouTube. YouTube is an awesome destination for a few different reasons. First off, anyone can attempt to become an (online) celebrity with the use of YouTube. Second, all of those hilarious, geo-local things that happens all over the world can be exposed to the masses, bringing your boring Monday at the office into the best day ever when you come across the new auto-tune phenomenon. The more a write about this, the more I realize how much I really love this website. It really brings free media and unique entertainment to the next level. For this reason, I have decided to share with you my top 5 favorite YouTube videos ever. Some you have probably seen, thought they will still make you laugh, and others you haven’t will be my little digital gift to you, on this fabulous FRIDAY!

On with the show!

5. The Landlord


4. Reporter turns ghetto in 3 seconds


3.  Sweet Brown – Original Report and Autotune


2. Funny Surfer Dude

And of course, the remix 🙂

1. Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama

Annnd… I will add this is, just for fun:

Happy Friday People!

Throwing this one in too

What’s Your Google Personality?

Every couple months, there’s a morning when during my coffee and getting my day started on the laptop, I decide to Google myself. Who doesn’t, right?? If you’re  one of those freaks of nature who hasn’t, I suggest you do it right now. But come back after. Seriously.

Anyway. This morning was one of those, I think it’s been at least six months since the last time I did a good ol’ Google search for “Brandie Black”. I always get a kick out of what shows up, because it is either lost pictures of me that my friends posted years ago, old travel pics, business stuff, or just completely strange and random pictures that I have no idea where the relevance lies. Either way, there is always something that surprises you and gives you a good laugh (or cringe – depends). These are some of the images I found…

Ok, Let’s just get the worst over with right now. Worst thing I have ever seen in my life, and my god I had no idea this existed. I just hope I made this face on purpose, but I really can’t be sure…

I remember this night, playing a friends homemade board game that was actually amazing. I assume drinking was involved.

Game night! Darrr

Game night! Darrr

Ok so lots more of these random photos popped up from the same night, thank god a bit more flattering. Well, I don’t look possessed so I am not going to complain.


Rockin’ the bangs hard

Well don’t I just feel American. This little  fancy pie graph came up which I actually think is pretty cool. I have literally never met anyone with the same name and spelling as me, so I guess it’s fun to know they are out there. Primarily in the States. I just realized something, if this is accurate and there are only 75 “Brandie’s” in Canada, that actually pretty awesome. I guess I could look at it from two perspectives… Either I am unique, or if I ever do something wrong, I am really easy to track down. Maybe for now on I will just go by “Sarah”.



Before I clicked that ‘Search’ button, I was really hoping for one of those blast from the past hilarious moments. And my friends, this is it. I am literally laughing as I am typing this.

So basically, the last time we had a Federal election in Canada, which I think was about 2-3 years ago, my friend Brooke and I were day drinking and heard this incredibly cheesy election commercial on the radio. It was really the epitome of bad advertising. We thought it  was so funny that we decided to re-enact the commercial, but in person, drunk. I only wish I could find the video, but I can’t.

One thing led to another and we were super excited about the awesome video we made, which was actually really funny. We decided to make a Facebook campaign and our own Federal party, called the Party Party. We had our own mandates,  like liquor can be sold everywhere at anytime, pot was legal and we would supply tobacco to minors. We didn’t win the Federal vote. As you may assume, none of this was real, but it really seemed so in our minds.  Only time in my life I have ever cared about politics. Look at those faces, wouldn’t you elect me/us??

Best Google Result in History.

Best Google Result in History.

Since we were on this topic anyway, and apparently  my campaign was more popular than I thought, since all these ‘campaign photos’ showed up, I just had to throw this one in. In order to get the people of Canada to really believe in us, we had to  have proper campaign photos, so it looked professional. I’d say we nailed it. The man to my left was the biggest supporter.  I took a tip from Obama, and used a semi-black citizen, because everyone would trust me then! I realize that sounds racist but it really isn’t, don’t get mad, he was a volunteer. Thanks Chris!

Throwing this one in too

Throwing this one in too

Like I mentioned, there is always some really random and irrelevant things that appear when you Google yourself.  This picture, below, showed up about five times on the first page in Google Images. I know I have posted it on my G+ profile and probably somewhere else too, apparently. I just love funny pictures and now realize, after going through, that I have about 60+ funny pics like this on my drive. I will definitely share these in a future post. Haha squirrel.

And then the randomness...

And then the randomness…

This pic below kind of surprised me. This pic is very recent, from a YouTube video I made and posted for only a few short hours. I decided the quality just wasn’t as good as it could be, so I took it down. The surprising part here is, that it was only posted for a few hours and yet Google managed to index it. Goes to show, be careful with what you post online. I am yet to post the final version, as I am a total perfectionist, but once I master my first YouTube video, I will definitely be hooking that shiz up  to my blog. It should be pretty funny, I will give you a hint as for the content: The top 10 most annoying people on Facebook. I will be a comedian in no time.  Look out, Vegas!

The internet is so clever!

The internet is so clever!

And finally…

Naturally, when I type in my name, this image comes up. Represent.



Of course, I could definitely post about 30 more pictures, but I think this sums up my Google personality. They really didn’t do a bad job, apart from the hugely embarrassing first photo. Luckily for me, I have no shame and don’t mind being seen in this light (which should really just be dark).  This is probably one of the most fun posts I have written thus far. I feel like I just went on a little internet journey, touring the Google museum of myself. Like I said, you should definitely try it sometime, if you haven’t.

I feel it is only right for  those of you who read this, to go Google yourself and let me know what you find, in the comments below. C’mon, I showed you mine, now show me yours. Haha! Ciao




More Onesies Less Elevator Noise

That’s right. A self-reflection article should have a clever title that makes people think, and this title is exactly how I am feeling right now. I am someone who gets very overwhelmed by all the choices and amazing things around me. The realization that I need to focus and tune out is much overdue, and on this sunny and enlightening Friday at precisely 11:09 am, I start here.

In a modern world such as the one many walk on today, year 2013, we are blatantly forced to consume multimedia messages, day in and day out. Thousands of images on Facebook telling us what we ‘Like’ so we can save the world, support religious culture and of course, the most grumpy cat on the internet. Technology moving so fast, you could leave the modern world for a mere week and when you return, you’re considered part of the stone-age. So many choices on what food to eat, from which restaurant, following which food trend of the moment. No wonder we often can’t make decisions quickly enough to keep up with our fast-paced society.


The Next Grumpy Cat??

If what I am describing is any relation to how you feel on a weekly basis, you are not alone. I believe there are millions of people, in our modern-world bubble, racing against their minds and our so well-developed culture. I also believe, as amazing and predominate the human species is, we are going in the wrong direction. Completely.

The faster we run as a modern human race, the faster we consume, the faster we dispose and ultimately, the faster we lose our minds and the world in which we live in. Ironically, losing our literal minds is not such a loss, as there are robots being developed as we speak (by modern-day humans). As I know everyone has read on Facebook or somewhere of the sort, we are destroying our world and ourselves. I am not here to preach to you, just put it into perspective. The fact that, yes, we are overwhelmed by messages from every direction, allows us to forget the most important one of all. We can’t live the glorious lives we do, without the use of the planet we walk on.

Wear more onesies and you eliminate one extra choice you have to make during your compounded day. Block out the elevator noise and pay attention to what really matters (whatever that is, in your mind).


**article was inspired by not knowing what to wear on the first spring warm day, and trying on clothing choices for too long until I realized how much of a waste of time it was. Then, I put on a onesie and life seemed so much simpler and the clothing choice was made. Secondly, knowing how much I need to better focus on my tasks at hand, I decided to block the elevator noise.


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