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Spanish tapas

Just Call Me, Master

One of my greatest loves in life can only get better when you learn how to master it.

And no, before you get too excited, I am not talking about men. I am talking about FOOD.

We all need it, many love it, so life can only get better when we can make a masterpiece of a meal, look at it, instagram the sh*t out of it, and then.. Eat it. Its a great feeling, for me anyway.

This specific night I was taking on a new dinner challenge: Spanish tapas. I have had them numerous times in restaurants, and I have to say, one of my top favorite cuisines. I had yet to attempt a great Spanish meal, and I had two hungry mouths to feed that also have had their fair share of tapas. So this dinner, it has to be good.

In an almost panicked rush, I picked out numerous dishes that I would make for the inaugural tapas dinner. I even structured them into three different courses. I will say it now, I went totally overboard and had 8x too much food, considering it was for three people. With some great Catalan wine to boot, I could see no failure ahead.

After the prepping, cooking the starters and then heading back to the kitchen to cook more of the food (Its got to be fresh, after all!), I had so much food on the table, it was a little overwhelming (although delicious!). Unfortunately, I did not even get a chance to cook everything I prepped for, or even half of it, as I had so damn much and like I said, we were only three people. However, I saved lots of the dishes for the next day, and they were just as delicious.

I found most of my recipes online, so I will list the best dishes below with a link to the online recipe.

And then I just had to add in a Canadian recipe:
deviled eggs

Deviled Eggs!

I tried to take pictures of each dish, however after a few too many glasses of wine and food overdose, I didn’t quite get every dish on the table! I suggest giving all of the recipes listed here a try, they are really amazing and one thing I always do when I cook, is not follow the recipe! I simply use it as a guide and adjust it to my taste, and I find that is always the best! The Key is Experimentation!
Enjoy the recipes and if you have any Spanish recipes you would like to share, comment below and I will add them!
Bon Provecho!!


Long Hair… Don’t Care?

Just a normal day. Like every other day. Getting ready to go out, go to the cafe, go shopping, buy a naughty costume, drink six jugs of sangria, ya know, whatever it is you like to do.

And then it happens. Just a complete day ruiner. No, I am not talking about the time your dollar store lighter stops working.

I’m talking about when…You get your purse stuck in your hair. Yep. I really hate that, but, you know what they say, right? Long Hair, Don’t Care!

barcelona fail

Don’t Panic

If you’re anything like me, then this has happened to you. You may not have told anyone and struggled to free yourself. I know, I’ve been there. I am glad you found this random article on the internetz. Because now, you will never struggle again.

This is what you do…

1. Don’t Panic, Stand still

2. Take a funny picture (Make fun of yourself first before anyone else can)

3. Make your sister, ( Or boyfriend, aunt, friend, dare I say, neighbour, whoever) to get it out for you

4. You’re free

So next time this happens to you, don’t fret, it’s all a part of being awesome, with long hair. Don’t let a little issue like this cramp your style. Because, you know…

Long Hair, Don’t Care!

FIRST POST!! And Barcelona Is My Girlfriend

Ahhh, how refreshing it is to write on my personal blog again. Its been about 2 years and 3 countries later, but I have now decided to start documenting my thoughts and daily life on the internet. This could be a huge mistake, but I guess we’ll see…

barcelona travel

Walking To The Beach! (In October)

Its been 2 months since I have moved to lovely Barcelona, Spain from London, UK and I must say, I really love it. London was a place I thought I would never leave, but when I had the option for sun and beaches, well I guess the decision was easy!I have heard a weird story of some lady marrying a building, so do you think its possible that I marry a country?? I can’t say that would be ‘good’ publicity for my reputation – Or would it??

Considering this is the ‘first’ post of my newly transformed blog, please don’t hate on the fact that it has no structure or flow to it – Honestly, I am literally just rambling and spitting my thoughts out through my finger tips. I promise, next post wont be so scattered 😉

Let’s get to something interesting, I will give you some highlights of Barcelona, thus far…

Great Bars/Restaurants!

I have been to quite a few by now, both cheap and expensive, and I have to say, only about 1 disappointment (out of probably 60). The food is amazing and drinks, cheap, so it is very easy to have a great afternoon or night with friends without spending too much! There are some expensive clubs that are a great place to visit, however definitely more of an ‘indulgement’! I will be sure to highlight specific places in the near future!

Barcelona tapas

Barcelona Tapas

Great People and Atmosphere!

I have met some great people through friends or randomly, and it has been a very pleasing experience. People, in general, are very warm, and that makes a newbie like me feel very welcome. The laid-back environment of basically everywhere in this city is very catchy, even for city folk like me that can’t stand walking so damn slow on the walk ways (I either go with it or plan my fast paced route ahead!). However, I must say, the drivers are basically insane here and use their car horns as their own cursing device.

I have much more to say however its getting to be siesta time and I should really be getting to the local cava bar for some €4 cava (Catalonia champagne 😀 ). Life is hard!

I hope my scattered first entry was bareable for those who took time to read (Thank you!) and I promise to give you lots of interesting material (including pics and videos!!) – so stay tuned! Will also add my social media links as well!

And of course, comment below! Cheers and Adios!


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