And welcome. This is my blog, my name is Brandie. Like millions of others with internet access, I think there is a possibility someone may find my life interesting or at least, mildly amusing. So here goes my best shot.

I suppose I will tell y’all a bit about me. Born and raised in Canada (Go Leafs, Go!), and have been travelling Europe since 2011 (No, I am not a gypsy). I have spent most of my travel time in Stockholm (Sweden), London (UK) and now, Barcelona (Spain). I love travel (obviously) and think rocking it up in other cultures is really exciting.

Brandie Black


My ‘job’ is working on the internet. Whether that be writing (I <3 to write!) , making YouTube videos (I like to make fun of the internet), playing slots on my favorite online casino site, or financial trading. It’s a good time and keeps life interesting.

Hmm what else…

Despite my totally secluded job, I love to be around people, meeting new people, partying with people, like, anything with people. Alike mostly everyone else in the world, everywhere, I love cats and could probably sit in a cafe and watch cat videos everyday. Well.. maybe not that much but I would totally be one of those people that hangs out with cats, filming them all day.

So I will give you a brief summary about what you will find on my blog. As mentioned, this is a blog about my life and general ‘lifestyle’. What does that mean exactly? I will talk about travel A LOT, show you lots of pictures of the awesome food I cook, culture, fashion, tech/social, art, probably some general ranting (because that’s what the internet s for, right?) and last, but not least, lots of YouTube videos (making fun of the internet – ironically … )

That’s the internet equivalent to my personality. Hopefully it sounds as cool as I think it does, We’ll see. Thanks for stopping by! Follow/Subscribe/Like me if you happen to actually like me. Cool? đŸ˜‰