So, it’s Friday yo! What better way to spend it then a late night (Spanish style) dinner, a la Japanese sushi with my French brosef. International up in this!



If you like sushi and happen to be in Barcelona, then check out Kibuka in Gracia (carrer de Goya, 9) … It opens 8pm and you need to get there early, because it is a local fave and is PACKED! A bit pricey but amazingly worth it :). Felt like a lame ass charging my phone at the table but then realized how awesome it was that I can do that. Thanks Europartners..

I have to adjust my blogging ways as I am literally working like crazy all day so I am using the dandy WordPress iPhone app hehe. It’s pretty awesome and I can blog “real time” so that makes it more fun. Anyway hopefully the blogs are still cool.

Currently I am hanging out in a wicked underground bar listening to Odis Redding and drinking some vino rose. No complaints at this moment. Having some dranks and then it will likely be an early night so I can go home a write. That’s my life 24/7… Writing. Which is cool. I just need to be in a Starbucks with a typewriter and a cigarette. Badass!


Dat Ass!

Shh? It’s Friday … Gahhhhhhh ahah weeeee. Goodnight