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A Lesson Never Learned Too Soon

Juggling life here in Europe along with a semi-existence in my home country, Canada, has been anything but easy. Not that I was expecting it to be. I can only hope I wasn’t too naive as per my expectations when I hauled my eight suitcases full of clothes, shoes and bags of makeup I rarely use, along with my sacred laptop.

One of the biggest faults of human race is thinking you can depend on other people. It’s so easy to get dismantled by the friendships, loves and companionships you have with the people you meet and grow with. Our general loving nature as people can often fail us and we go from 100 to zero very fast when we realize ourselves are our only real lifeline. I am sure I am not speaking for the mass population of people out there who keep guarded and safe in their own bubbly space, but I do know there are a lot of people like myself who trust easily. What was that I said about being naive? Yeah, so I guess I am, a little. But I am learning.

love me

As I write this post two things come to mind. A song, and something my parents have always told me. First, the song. And I quote, “The road is long, and in the end, it’s only with yourself”. To reminisce on my parents words, “No one will ever look out for you and be there for you, like your parents”. Maybe I should quickly remind myself how lucky I am to actually have parents, especially the type of parents I have. No matter how many times I have made mistakes and not taken valuable advice as an adult, they have never turned a blind eye when I needed them.

The many, many times I have been given this advice, and been burned, I seem to forget it so easily. Then, you find yourself in a moment of weakness, sometimes so unbearable you don’t know how to go on, and you are alone. I don’t know if anyone reading this has ever felt this way, but I have to say, it is one of the worst feelings to be had. Whenever these low points occur, I remember that one song and those wise words I’ve heard many times. But why only now, when it’s often too late and the support systems you had, were never really there?

Most life lessons only come with experience, but sometimes, even with the experience behind you, you fall so easily into the familiar trap. As I learn this lesson yet again, I feel maybe I can be that much smarter going forward, if I write it down in the form of a blog post, sharing it with other people who may find themselves in an all-too-familiar scenario. If you haven’t caught on to the lesson du jour, I will gladly shine the spotlight: Never depend on anyone more than yourself. Or, just simply don’t depend on other people at all, more than you have to, anyway.


Yes, lets admit there will be many scenarios in our lives where we must depend on others, to some degree. We can’t escape that. But when it comes to situations or things that only really effect you, remember the valuable piece of advice, that you are the only person that has your best interest at heart. Well, you, and your parents, if you are ever so lucky.

This is truly one life lesson you can never learn too soon. The sooner, the better. As I write this, with a million thoughts racing through my head, I feel I may have grown a little bit stronger, a little bit smarter. Of course, only time will tell, as with time, comes knowledge and your true strength and understanding of life shine through. This article definitely holds a much different tone than what I have written about so far, but I believe strongly enough in the cause. I end this with a silent cheers to each and everyone one of you, a cheers in you, because you are stronger than any external force.


Summary: In A Dark Paradise

After what seems like two full weeks of rain (an exaggeration, of course), I am really starting to feel like I am living in London again. It has been dark, wet and dreary in, what is usually, sunny Barcelona for the past five days, and according to my iPhone weather app, today will be the last of it. I can only hope, anyway! I try to look on the bright side and remind myself that Barcelona, on average, only gets about 55 days of rain a year, so without days like today, we could have a real water crisis on our hands!

Since the weather here has been anything but lively this last week, I find it very hard to stay motivated when it comes to writing. I guess my brain just kind of slows down. That, and I guess it doesn’t help that it’s Monday, which usually makes no difference to me but it was quite a hardcore weekend of socializing, drinks and dancing around the city.


Rainy Day = Empty Streets in Spain

I don’t want to classify myself as one that would have a “Case of the Mondy’s”, so I have decided to turn Monday into a continuation of “Sunday Funday”. Of course, my responsibilities return amidst the beginning of a new week, unlike that of Sunday, but in spirit I am choosing to make Monday a Funday. While I’m at it, I may as well do the same for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It’s all about your perception and attitude, right?? 🙂

So, because of my sudden shift in attitude (which literally occurred while writing this), I have decided upon a new Monday blog tradition: Summarizing my weekend! It makes great sense since I really do not write on Saturday or Sunday, and my weekend are usually pretty eventful. Let’s get to it, shall we?


The favorite day of the week for many, Friday is when people shake the stresses of the week, whether that means relaxing at home or having some drinks with buddies. Me? I tend to go for the second option, and this Friday was no different. The rain was definitely coming down hard that night, but with a cozy flat and some great people around you, that fact is soon forgotten! Oh, and how could I forget, lots of cava, beer and wine :). This Friday was not a typical one, as I managed to go home relatively early in the hopes of a fresh start Saturday morning.


Party Time, Excellent!


Impressed with my early-to-bed decision on Friday, I was up  at a decent hour on Saturday morning. Of course, the weather was in no way impressive however did not want to use that as a reason to stay in all day. After some relaxing and a good (late) breakfast, I headed out with my partner in crime to hunt down an awesome dim sum spot in the Borne area of Barcelona. I was really excited for this, since I hadn’t had dim sum for quite some time. We arrived in good time, an hour early for the start of dinner but that worked out well, as this place is seriously busy after 7pm. A few wines and beers later, while translating all the dim sum dishes from Spanish to English, we had worked up quite an appetite (and a bit of a buzz!). Let me tell you, this dim sum, was amazing. To make this place even better, they have an extensive list of expensive import beers that were dirt cheap. No wonder this place is so popular! You are probably wondering what this place is called, and don’t worry, I won’t leave that out. The place is called Mosquito and it’s located  at Carrer Carders, 46, Barcelona 08003. If you live in this great  city or are planning to visit, this is definitely a pit stop you should be making! It has a great atmosphere, unbelievable food and great beer. If you venture to this hole-in-the-wall, I strongly recommend the duck (anec) dumpling!


Best Dim Sum Everr


I think these were my eel dumplings, but you never can tell…

As you can imagine, I left feeling full and a bit drunk, and the night was only getting started. While I didn’t realize how late it was when I went for dim sum, I quickly realized when I had to head out to meet some friends at 9 pm… and go eat Mexican food. Oops. I was convinced that I was not going to eat anything after my dim sum feast, but that changed after we waited for our table for an hour, with a few more drinks in hand. The food was great at Rosa Negra, I would definitely recommend the pineapple and chicken quesadilla, but stay away from their shrimp cocktail… It was a huge disappointment. I guess it’s worth mentioning that Rosa Negra’s claim to fame is there €3.50 mojito. It’s strong and seriously good! The restaurant has a great atmosphere and authentic decor as well, which always makes the experience a little better.

The night continued on after our Mexican fiesta, into a few more bars and pubs, sipping on some quality wines and vodka. Nothing overly note-worthy happened so I will not go into details, however I did meet a really cool Canadian girl who was travelling here, and she ended up hanging out with my friends and I.


Yummy Mexican – And I want this tablecloth!!


If you live any sort of lifestyle like mine, you can probably guess my Sunday wasn’t very eventful. And  you would be right, it really wasn’t. Slept until 12pm, neglected doing any laundry and lounged on the couch watching Kitchen Nightmares. It wasn’t in any way exciting but it was definitely what I needed – Some final relaxation at the end of the weekend. As much as I love fun-filled party weekends, I think this next weekend I am going to step away from the booze and spend some time adventuring around my lovely city. Next Monday you will likely read a very different weekend summary, so I hope you look forward to that, like I look forward to writing it!

Thanks for reading this filler article-turned article tradition! Have a great Monday and a great week! I have a feeling I will feel very differently about Monday after tonight, as I have to go to IKEA (my least-favorite place in the world). Maybe I will save my IKEA rant for another day, though. Peace out, party people!

Long Hair… Don’t Care?

Just a normal day. Like every other day. Getting ready to go out, go to the cafe, go shopping, buy a naughty costume, drink six jugs of sangria, ya know, whatever it is you like to do.

And then it happens. Just a complete day ruiner. No, I am not talking about the time your dollar store lighter stops working.

I’m talking about when…You get your purse stuck in your hair. Yep. I really hate that, but, you know what they say, right? Long Hair, Don’t Care!

barcelona fail

Don’t Panic

If you’re anything like me, then this has happened to you. You may not have told anyone and struggled to free yourself. I know, I’ve been there. I am glad you found this random article on the internetz. Because now, you will never struggle again.

This is what you do…

1. Don’t Panic, Stand still

2. Take a funny picture (Make fun of yourself first before anyone else can)

3. Make your sister, ( Or boyfriend, aunt, friend, dare I say, neighbour, whoever) to get it out for you

4. You’re free

So next time this happens to you, don’t fret, it’s all a part of being awesome, with long hair. Don’t let a little issue like this cramp your style. Because, you know…

Long Hair, Don’t Care!

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